"<Fresh is Best…Tasty SeaFood in West Palm Beach, FL area – 33401? 'This is Casual Dining with PAZAZZ!' http://TinFishClematis.com >"

“<Fresh is Best…Tasty SeaFood in West Palm Beach, FL area – 33401? “This is Casual Dining with  PAZAZZ!” http://TinFishClematis.com >”

My aunt makes what I consider the best Conch Fritters in the world.  TinFish on Clematis in West Palm beach, comes in second.  Now since you are not invited to my aunt”s home to eat, I guarantee you will be blown away by the flavors found  at Tin Fish.

There is no need for your to be disappointing that you don”t get to eat auntie”s fritters.  I won”t lead you down a sandy beach without making sure that you get to savor the flavors of this casual dining locale. Take this  invitational coupon and you to will have the same mouth watering pleasures that we had.


We highly recommend the chowders to start; savory flavor.  Then they have this meal for two, the fish burritos  with waffle fries and the perfect coleslaw.  Listen,  I said it was for two, but that is just because we always split it and it is more than enough.  Lather it up with their hot sauce and you are in for fine dining at affordable prices in a causal setting. Yum Yum Good!

They also have craft beers to pair with your dining favorites.

Can I get a witness — We have yet to find an unhappy customer!

The Tin Fish was given its name due to very ironic circumstances. While planning a restaurant in Old Town, San Diego in 1998, Joseph Melluso, the founder of Tin Fish, submitted a request for proposal. As he studied the history of the property, he discovered—ironically—that in 1856 a local hardware merchant owned this property. Of course, hardware merchants of the era did more than just sell hardware: the owner was also the local gadget fixer and tinsmith. As a “value added,” (and here’s where the irony comes in) he sold fish in front of the property. 

Joseph decided to name his newest restaurant to honor him. However “The E.W. Nottage Tin Shop Museum Restaurant” proved a bit cumbersome, and so, the “The Tin Fish” name was conceived. Two years later, in 2000, Joseph Melluso opened the first The Tin Fish restaurant on the Imperial Beach Pier, California, and the business began to grow. Joe has been working in fish markets since he was 11 years old, and has continued his passion for of fish ever since. The Tin Fish name continues to spread across the country with locations in California, Washington, Indiana, Florida, and many more on the way.

The Tin Fish on Clematis Street is the newest edition to this wonderful restaurant name. After exploring the variety of restaurants on Clematis Street, there was one thing lacking – a fresh fish restaurant! It didn’t take much research to realize that The Tin Fish was the perfect fit for this wonderful area. Owner Ray Noonan and his close family and friends will be responsible your enjoyment, so if you see any of us around, be sure to say hi! We’d love to hear your feedback.

Please tell a friend—share your experience of enjoying the very special food that is served and the immense passion that everyone at The Tin Fish exhibits along with the joy they love to share. It is your enjoyment that continues to fuel the growth of The Tin Fish.

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